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“For the First Time In The History of The Internet, Ethiopian Women and Ethiopian Girls Willingly Show-Off Their Sexy Bodies. You Would NEVER Find This Anywhere Else.”
The Wait For Ethiopian Porn Has Finally Come to An End!
Membership Is Going Fast. From 300, only 76 Left Before We Close Site for Access.

Welcome to Habesha Porn

If you are like most people, by now, you have searched and looked everywhere on the Internet hoping to find something that was not there – an Ethiopian Porn.

Until now, that is.

At last, we have delivered on something that everyone else had thought to be – the, Impossible. It has not been easy to find Ethiopian Girls who are not only wild-and-freaky, but who are also willing to be exposed in front of the world, kind of. After all, these are not Ethiopian women who are without a life. Quite to the contrary.

Believe me. Some of the women that you are going to meet here are professionals who work hard for their money as much as you and I. But in the end, they were all up for the challenge.
Hi, My name is Meron:

And YES, I am an Ethiopian. Yes, I am proud of my sexuality. I enjoy and loooove SEX. I am sure most of us do, but some of us are afraid to admit it openly, but I don’t mind being the only one on the open. Believe it or not, I was one of those shy girls until one day i decided that I was no longer gonna muffle my feelings.

From that day that I decided to explore my sexuality, I have not been the same. I feel liberated. One day, my girls and I, were casually talking about porn when the discussion turned into – if there has ever been an Ethiopian porn star. Not so surprisingly, there was none. Thus, came XXX Ethiopian Women.

What Is XXX Ethiopian Women?

* A place where you could come and enjoy 100% porn by Ethiopian Women. (Only for those who can handle it)
* You get no teasers here. Nude, and naked-ness is what we do.
* What you get here is no where else available, even if you were willing to pay a million dollars.
* All of the women that are featured in our “Membership Section” are Ethiopians. Period!

Why It Is A Membership Site

* Ease and quickness of access. (Within few clicks, you can access our membership section)
* The stigma associated with Ethiopian porn in our culture.
* PRIVACY. (No Need to Receive DVDs to Your Home Address, or hiding DVDs in your home)
* Bank or credit card statement will only show ETHIOPIANWO. No worries there either.

Why Membership Is Limited

The goal for XXX Ethiopian Women has always been to provide something that has NEVER been available before. And after some back-and-forth, we said to each other, ‘If we are providing something that is BOLD and EXTREMELY unique, why not make it also accessible to a SELECTED & LUCKY few?’
Thus, we’ve decided to open access to only “300? members and close as soon as we reach that magic number.

The “Co$t” for Membership

One of the main factors that forced us to consider membership site is, cost. If we had decided on selling DVDs, it would have easily cost much more, as it would have taken a lot more work, shipping and handling as well as the number of DVDs it would have taken to cram the material. A DVD would have been a heck of a lot pricey.

A membership site, also, allows us to easily add NEW material easily, and without an extra penny coming from your pocket to access the NEW material. You simply log in and view NEW content, as opposed to paying extra for a new DVD.

To gain access to the membership section, there is a one-time payment of –
. . . $39.95

However, for $39.95, only the first 250 people would have the chance to gain access to the membership section. For the last 50, we will be raising our price to . . . $89.95

We understand that we could have easily charged everyone up to a $150.00 for membership, especially due to the limited-membership and the UNIQUE material our members are going to enjoy, but for now, the price is what it is. It has never been about the money when we started to do this, so it is not about the money now, even though we know we could charge much more than what we are.